Data Visualisation


Machine Learning


I enjoy operating at the nexus of data, technology and business strategy where data related insights are realized into successful business decisions. A smart individual who can learn on the fly across domains. I aspire to be solution-oriented data savvy individual. I can flourish in both independent and team-oriented job environments and can efficiently represent the company in professional circumstances. I want to be a significant asset to the company I join and utilise my tertiary knowledge and experience together with skills in computing, organisation and teamwork, in a fast paced dynamic environment.

Work History

  • Oct 2018 - Data Analyst(WIL)

    Carried out analysis of Political Donation Data from AEC Website.Objective was to rectify incorrect donor names and create visualisation for Australian citizens.Appropriate data cleansing along with quality check was performed to ensure data sanctity.Google search results in conjunction with approximate name matching algorithms were employed.Parameters of algorithm were finetuned for optimal performance (75% accuracy).Tools used: R, Python
    Company - RMIT ICON
    Duration - 4 Months [July,2018 -October,2018 ]
    Location - Melbourne, Australia

  • March 2015 - Entrepreneur

    Responsible for revenue generation and also encouraging repeat business.Working closely with exhibition organizers, stand designers and contractors.Developing, implementing and managing event.Liaising with clients at a high level.Overseeing procurement of catering, audiovisual, security & rental needs.Maintaining a calendar of events for effective long term planning & management.Supervising & coordinate the activities of personnel, subcontractors & vendors.
    Company - Silverfox Events & Entertainment
    Duration - 26 Months [Dec,2014 - Jan,2017]
    Location - Mumbai, India

  • March 2015 - Business Development Manager

    Identifying, qualifying, and securing business opportunities; coordinating business generation activities; developing customized targeted sales strategies.Building business relationships with current and potential clients.Creating informative presentations; presenting and delivering information to potential clients at client meetings.Negotiate pricing & contractual terms as required in line with company guidelines.Maintaining database of existing and potential clients (Excel)
    Company - Learning Catalyst/Web-StepUp
    Duration - 8 Months [Mar,2015 - Oct,2015]
    Location - Mumbai, India

  • October 2018 - Voluntering

    An intensive four day program to develop workshop around mental health for students.Core focus was to spread awareness and encourage dialogue for any support/assistance. Design thinking principles were employed with activities to narrow down solutions from broad-based views. Also we staged a one day event which was a success in getting across the narrative
    Company - RMIT University
    Duration - 4 days
    Location - Melbourne, Australia


Data Visualisation

Animated Bar Chart

  • GDP of Top 10 Countries by Year
  • Tool : R
  • Libraries:ggplot, gganimate ,tidyverse

Machine Learning

Spam Classification

  • Using Logistic Regression
  • Tool : Python
  • Libraries:Pandas, Scikit Learn, Numpy


Price War:Coles vs Woolsworths

  • Hypothesis testing using t-test
  • Tool : R
  • Libraries: dplyr, tidyverse

Exploratory Analysis

Uber Trip Analysis

  • California Bay Area Uber Trips
  • Tool : Python
  • Libraries:Pandas, Seaborn


Dr. James Baglin

Program Manager
RMIT University

Dr Ascelin Gordon

Applied Research Project Supervisor
RMIT University

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Available for Full Time Work on a Contractual/Permanent Basis
Working Rights is Full Time. Visa Subclass:485

+61 439689599